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Lucrative position of Outside Sales Rep
— Do you enjoy closing deals? Big fat B2B deals?
— Do you want to earn huge commission with us spending 2 hours on pre-scheduled appointments and do your other job the rest of your time?
— Are you a go-getter?
— Are you good at meeting the needs of a demanding client?
— Are you perfect in communication?
— Do you speak English fluently? Spanish not a must but a great advantage.

What you will do:
— present high quality product manufactured on our own factory in Miami and close pre-agreed deals (no reselling!);
— get free training for sales and product presentation;
— work with warm clients only (no cold calls or travelling from door to door);
— have pre qualified and pre scheduled appointments with designers, architects, contractors and developers;
— choose any area in Miami-Dade and Broward where appointments will be scheduled;
— have flexible hours for job and choose self quantity of appointments per day;
— very lucrative contract;
— delicious commission 20% from each deal, regular deal cost starts from $5000.

What you won’t do:
— no generating or collecting leads
— no cold calls!
— no begging clients for appointments

Time is your most expensive assets. The others don’t care about your time – we do. Spend it on scheduled appointments only, get fat commission with us. Use your assets wisely!
Call 888 551 0305 and send your resume to modern.image.project@gmail.com

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