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Vacation Relief - Village

Replace the main employee and perform work together with the shift staff, observing the requirements for the position being filled.
Provide assistance to all shift workers in case of organizational or production necessity.
Replace equipment adjusters and operators of automatic machine lines and installations in accordance with factory requirements.
To carry out repair and maintenance of equipment and cleaning during the label change in cooperation with operators and equipment adjusters in accordance with the instructions of the shift supervisor.
Perform corrective actions and work in accordance with the instructions of the shift supervisor.
Record the completed work and inspections in the computerized systems provided by the company or in paper forms.
Inform the shift supervisor about the equipment malfunctions that have occurred and the actions taken.
At the request of the shift supervisor, perform the bulkhead and sorting of cans in accordance with quality control procedures, ensuring cleanliness and order in the workplace.
Take part in the general maintenance and conversion of equipment in accordance with the instructions of the management.
At the end of the shift, provide full information to colleagues from the incoming shift in order to ensure full control over the technological process.
Knows the basics of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Applies them in his work.
Knows the basics of LEAN (lean manufacturing), EVA (economic value added), ZERO LOSS (loss reduction)
Informs the shift supervisor in case of any malfunctions or problems.
Transmits information to the next shift during shift transfer.
Informs employees of other production sites about the problems that have arisen and existing.
Contains all tools and equipment in a clean and serviceable condition.
Keeps frequently used spare parts ready so as not to interrupt production.
Helps to eliminate breakdowns in other areas.

ID #23969 Расположение Аризона Тип Полная занятость Должность Vacation Relief - Village Категория Интернет/Телеком/IT Тип вакансии
Полная занятость /Месяц


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