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Viktoriia Vitkovska

sales manager

2+ лет опыта 20 /Час Я ищу: Полная занятость

Опыт работы

Компании, в которых я ранее работал

LD-Ukraine, LLC (production and sale of the Russian shut-off valves on the territory of Ukraine) Sales manager 06/02/2014 - 05/31/2016 Полная занятость - search for new customers, organizing and conducting of presentations for Ukrainian trading companies in order to bring them to cooperation and enter into supply contracts; - increase in sales by 30 % in 14 of 24 regions of Ukraine, entrusted to me; - negotiations on cooperation with Ukrainian companies in the course of political and military conflict between Ukraine and Russia; concluded agreements with management companies of utility enterprises previously aggressively disposed to the Russian shut-off valve; - was the first to carry out large supply of valves of LD brand, technically new and unfamiliar to the Ukrainian market; - was the first to deliver the largest and the most expensive crane of the Russian plant to the company, that later became our regular customer; - proposed and organized the presentation of LD products in the neighboring country, previously unknown in this area. As a result, the company found a foreign dealer with a large volume of planned procurements of our products. Whilst with LD-Ukraine, LLC, I brought 2 new dealers, 8 companies have become our regular customers, sales volumes were increased in my regions, as well as throughout the company as a whole. Aquea, LLC (Wholesale and retail sale of plumbing equipment in Ukraine) Purchasing manager 06/18/2012 - 05/15/2013 Полная занятость - investigation of new trends of collections of the goods and color schemes (ceramic tile from Italy, Spain, Poland, and Ukraine) for developing package offers for customers and their procurement from the supplier; - calculation of a discount program for each wholesale customer, taking into account the volume of shipments and logistics; - calculation and announcement of discounts to distribution channels of wholesale and retail sale for the sale of outdated collections, in order to withdraw money from the stale goods and purchase of the actual goods; - settlements with suppliers, claims, bonuses, cancellations, and payments; - planning of payments to suppliers, scheduling of debt repayment; - negotiations with suppliers both remotely and at the meeting; - search for new suppliers, monitoring of prices on the products offered by them, with the further possibility of choosing the optimal variant of cooperation in respect of the profit; - drawing up pricing; - selection of new collections and brands for presentation in showrooms and offering to customers to increase the turnover; - organization of deliveries of the products under big construction projects: plant-customer; - planning and placing of the order, taking into account seasonality, market conditions, demand, specifications signed by the customer, considering the budget of the direction; - designing under the orders of customers of a virtual interior of bathrooms in DOMUS 3D program, as well as creation of exhibition 3D showrooms to promote the products. Antei Trading, LLC, Adalin, LLC (Wholesale and retail sale of plumbing equipment in Ukraine) Accounting specialist 09/01/2008 - 06/29/2012 Полная занятость Antei Trading, LLC, Adalin, LLC (Wholesale and retail sale of plumbing equipment in Ukraine) - daily analysis of sales, residues, and arrival of the goods; - daily unloading of the database of all regional warehouses in the main base, determining the causes of differences in the data, as well as formulation of the problem of making corrections for troubled areas of the branches; - revaluation of assets in the database; - intervention in nomenclature items in order to ensure proper presentation of name, cost, price, and components for the entire company; - inventory; - systematic monitoring of the compliance with plans of production, assembly and service departments of spa products manufacturing; - entering into a database of orders to suppliers, pro forma invoices for all groups of the goods, with which the company works; - knowledge of the principle and conditions for the supply of the goods from all suppliers (foreign and domestic); - determining the reasons for short supply of the ordered goods by suppliers, as well as tracking the correction of this situation by import-manager; - preparation of analytical reports on non-sellers (unsaleable stock), in particular, for hydromassage products.

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