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Egor Sushkov

Systems Engineer

10+ лет опыта - /Месяц Я ищу: Полная занятость
With industry-specific education and more than 10 years of experience in IT, I have reached the level when my daily work includes business trips around the world, meetings with new enterprise clients, working in a team of high-skilled professionals, and developing projects for hundreds of thousands of end customers. I like to learn new technologies and using them to create new solutions. My mojo is developing fault-tolerant systems and architectures — I know what load balancing and CDNs are, and I have experience in process automation. I... - have a lot of experience in Linux administration. - think a lot about architecture and do PoCs before starting deploy new solutions. - like interesting and complicated tasks. - went thru all steps from Junior Systems Administrator Assistant to Systems Engineer, that gave me priceless experience. - had CCNA and CCNP, so I have strong knowledge of networking concepts. For several years I didn't do "Networking" as specialty, but for sure I can refresh those special knowledge in a couple of month if needed. Specialties: CentOS, Bash Scripting, Puppet Automation, Zabbix Monitoring. Knowledge of: • Linux systems, especially RHEL-Like • Bash scripting from quick one-line piped commands to hundreds+ lines scripts for automation, monitoring etc • Puppet with Hiera usage. I like to create unified puppet modules to configure systems from zero without manual touch • Zabbix monitoring including custom userparameters • Nginx with virtual servers, caching, proxying • iptables • systemd • MySQL, PostgreSQL. TSQL language • Git • Redis, Cassandra • Docker • Distributed filesystems (CEPH, GlusterFS, DRBD) • Nagios, Opsview • SolusVM • Seafile, OwnCloud • RabbitMQ • Riak-CS • Named (bind) • Bacula • Amazon Web Services • VMware ESXi • Cisco, Vyatta • Network switching and routing I usually spend my free time teaching students how to drive safely — yes, I'm also driving instructor, that's my hobby.

Опыт работы

Компании, в которых я ранее работал

SPB TV Systems Engineer 2013 - 2020 Полная занятость * Design, deploy and maintain of IPTV/OTT infrastructure - from the receipt of multimedia content, its preparation, transcoding, segmentation, caching and streaming to customers * Building high-load and fault-tolerant solutions, CDNs * Direct interaction with the customer, starting from the design of the project and during its operation and development * Setting up and maintenance of the necessary environment for frontend and backend parts: Relational databases and noSQL, file storage clusters, queues service, monitoring and backup and other * Design and implement custom services, workflow, and API for optimization of current tasks and deploy new services * Automation of configuration and deployment process with such systems as a puppet * Automation of technical monitoring with alerts and automated recovery protocols launching * Continuous analysis of the roots of failure in any chain of the the service, debugging and finding ways to solve them - Фриланс

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