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Prokopenko Oleg


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Architect, I will consider job vacancies I, Architect PhD propose to consider my candidacy for cooperation in the field of urban planning and architecture. Architect Ph.D Contact details: Prokopenko Oleg Viktorovich http://apx.org.ua/ Viber: +38 063 6087812 E-mail: apxipro@gmail.com Kyiv, Ukraine Practice: Architectural design project сonception and town-planning: 1. Innovative architectural studies of new types buildings in city; 2. All types of architectural project, calculations and visualization; 3. Development public buildings and complexes, quarters of buildings. 4. Design project office centres, planning for quaters complexs, cottage settlements, country houses, industrial targets, business the centres, hotels, shopping centres, typical cafes, the service centres, fitness clubs, fitness the centres, trading entertaining complexes, the logistical centres, wholesale warehouses, clothes shops, sports bars, children's complexes and entertaining parks.

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